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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

[Analysis] UPSC CSE-2012: Final Rankings in Individual categories SC, ST, OBC, PH plus final cut offs after mains and interview

  1. Prologue
  2. Overall Final cutoffs
  3. Highest & lowest scores in written and interview
  4. Overall Vacancies
  5. Final Ranking: Scheduled Castes (SC-Non-PH)
  6. Final Ranking: Scheduled Tribes (ST)
  7. Final Ranking: Other Backward Classes (OBC-Non-PH)
  8. Final Ranking: General Category (Non-PH)
  9. Final Ranking: PH1
  10. Final Ranking: PH2
  11. Final Ranking: PH3
  12. Final Ranking: PH(1,2,3 combined)

Source :-http://mrunal.orgFor Complet details click Here!

[Cut-offs] UPSC declares official cutoffs for Prelims CSAT 2012 for SC, ST,OBC,PH and General category

  1. Cutoffs for UPSC CSAT-2012 Preliminary Exam
  2. Comparison of Cutoffs: 2011 vs 2012
Yep, the official cut-offs for CSAT-2012 (preliminary exam) are now available (without having to file RTI!) Because UPSC has revamped their result-PDF generating script. So now whenever you download your prelim mark sheet (2012), it’ll appends cut offs at the bottom of every PDF (Click me for screenshot).
Similarly, mains mark sheet also contains the marks of last candidate recommended for service. (click me for screenshot)

@To the new players:

  1. There is no separate cut off in preliminary exam. UPSC combines marks scored in both papers (GS+Aptitude) and from that combined score, candidates are selected for mains exam.
  2. Marks scored in preliminary exam are not counted in final merit list.

Cutoffs for UPSC CSAT-2012 Preliminary Exam

CategoryPreliminary Exam (CSAT2012)Final (Mains+interview)
anyways, let’s compare this with cutoffs from 2011’s exam. (obtained via R.T.I)

Comparison of Cutoffs: 2011 vs 2012

CategoryPrelims(CSAT) out of 400Final (Mains+interview)
As you can see, from 2011 to 2012, the cutoffs for prelims have increased while final scores have decreased.

Monday, October 8, 2012

MAINS 2012: 200 MARKS are directly from

Halfmantr hits Bull’s Eye in Mains 2012 as well for General Studies.  200 Marks Paper of General Studies of IAS Mains 2012 is directly from our Test Series/Notes/Articles etc.
(This does not include International Relation and Statistics Part which we do not cover on over website right now. Very soon we would cover these sections as well)
The following are the questions which are directly from our notes:
1.       What are India’s stake in the South China Sea?
(Paper II Question 4 (d) IAS Mains, 2012, 6 Marks)
A similar Question was asked in our GS Test Paper 1- General Studies (Paper 2)), Question 2 (d)
Click the link to see the question
2.       Explain the concepts “Environmental Sustainability” and “Sustainable Development of people”.
(Paper II Question 4 (e) IAS Mains, 2012, 6 Marks)
A complete article is there on the website which clarifies the term:
3.       Explain briefly the Clean Development Mechanism as provided under UNFCC.
(Paper II Question 4 (f) IAS Mains, 2012, 6 Marks)
We have elaborately dealt with the issue in our article:
4.       Do you think that China’s emergence as one of the largest trading partners of India has adversely affected the settlement of the outstanding border problem?
(Paper II Question 1 (a) IAS Mains, 2012, 25 Marks)
We have elaborately dealt with the issue in our article:
5.       Keeping in view the informal sector’s share in the total workforce of the country, critically examine the relevant inclusive measures initiated by the Government of India and their effectiveness.
(Paper I Question 1 (b) IAS Mains, 2012, 25 Marks)
We have elaborately dealt with the issue in our article:
6.       In the context of the growing demands for the ban of Endosulfan in the country, critically examine the issue involved. What should be done in the matter?
(Paper I Question 1 (d) IAS Mains, 2012, 25 Marks)
The topic Endosulfan was asked in our Test Series (G.S. Mains II, Test 1, Question 7(b)). Click here to check
7.       Indian Independence movement was a mass-based movement that encompassed various sections of the society. It also underwent the process of constant ideological evaluation. Critically Examine.
(Paper I Question 1 (b) IAS Mains, 2012, 25 Marks)
8.       The issue of tourism in the core areas of tiger reserve forests in the country is the subject matter of debate. Critically examine this issue keeping in mind the relevant recent court judgment.
(Paper I Question 1 (f) IAS Mains, 2012, 25 Marks)
The topic was discussed in News of August 2012 and asked in the G.S Test Series:
9.       What do you understand by the term “Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis” (MDR-TB)? What measures would you advocate for its containment and what are the implications of its spread in the community?
(Paper I Question 2 (f) IAS Mains, 2012, 15 Marks)
The topic Endosulfan was asked in our Test Series (G.S. Mains II, Test 1, Question 4(a)). Click here to check
10.   Given the accelerated pace of development and demand for Energy, would you consider renewable energy as a viable option for India?
(Paper I Question 2 (g) IAS Mains, 2012, 15 Marks)
Discussed in 50 Day countdown for Prelims under the Topic “Energy Security” of India
11.   What are the Rights within the ambit of Article 21 of Indian Constitution?
(Paper I Question 3 (e) IAS Mains, 2012, 5 Marks)
Determine the “value” assignment to the vote of a Member of a State Legislative Assembly and of the Member of Parliament in the Presidential election.
(Paper I Question 4 (c) IAS Mains, 2012, 2 Marks)
We have elaborately dealt with the issue in our article:
12.   Critically review the international concern in achieving Millennium Development Goals.
(Paper II Question 2 (e) IAS Mains, 2012, 15 Marks)
Elaborately discussed during the 50 days final Countdown
13.   Persons in news:
Cyrus Mistry
Mario de Miranda
Ashoke Sen
PV Sindhu
Adaitya Kumar Mandi
(Paper I Question 5 IAS Mains, 2012, 1X5= 5  Marks)
Discussed in Monthly News and events

Total Marks= 200

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

UPSC to reform Civil Services (main) exam

The Civil Services (Main) Examination is next on the UPSC’s reforms agenda. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has constituted a high-powered committee to suggest changes in the pattern of this examination. The move comes after the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2011 in
Click Here!
its new format sought to test the aptitude of the candidates as well and not just their knowledge.
The changes in the preliminary exam weren’t as drastic as the UPSC had originally hoped. This is one reason why the government was reluctant to rename the preliminary test as the civil services aptitude test.

At the third UPSC foundation day function this week, UPSC chairman Prof. DP Agrawal said the changes had been well received as they provided the candidates a level playing field leading to improved quality of selection.
Agrawal — who has been pushing reforms at the commission — went on to announce that the UPSC was looking at changes that needed to be made in the Civil Services (Main) examination as well as other exams.

“Consistent with the need for selecting the right kind of person from a huge pool consisting of multiple languages, creeds, culture and communities, the commission has now constituted a high-power committee to suggest possible changes in the pattern of Civil Services (Main) Examination,” he said.

Agrawal also said that the commission’s endeavour was to ensure that “candidates are judged on the basis of in-depth knowledge and understanding rather than information gathered at the last moment.”
In six decades, UPSC has selected nearly quarter of a million candidates after examining over 46 million applicants. This is equivalent to the population of South Africa or England.

Minister of State for Personnel and PMO V. Narayanasmay agreed that the recruitment policies of the commission needed to be reviewed and revised to make recruitment faster and also to ensure induction of the civil servants with the right aptitude.

Agrawal agreed, pointing that the commission was looking at other examinations to bring them in tune with the present scenario of country’s development and aspirations.
Similarly, he said, the commission had recommended an alternative system to the government to improve the process of induction of civil service officers from different streams into the All India Service.

SOURCE:Posted By to Civil Services Examination

Friday, November 25, 2011

IAS:The cut-off for Prelims-2010, RTI reply of Joint Directer UPSC

According to official RTI reply of Joint Directer UPSC, the cut-off for Prelims-2010 is as following

  1. Gen=248
  2. OBC=240
  3. SC=231
  4. ST=225
  5. Ph-I=227
  6. Ph-II=211
  7. Ph-III=182

This is a UPSC never told prelim marks to anyone.
Anyways if you're curious about your CSAT-2011 pperformance, perhaps you too, could try your luck but not so soon, because according to some people, UPSC will tell your prelims-2011 marks only after the entire selection process is complete in 2012 (after-interview).



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